Pirates vs. Libertarians

The table shows the strongly prevailing views, in the case of a political party, and the generally accepted views related to the philosophy. The aim is to provide an unbiased view for basic orientation, especially for people who are beginning to be interested in the issue of comparing the two parties. If you see an apparent contradiction with reality in the comparison, please feel free to contact us.

General attitudes:
Preferences of liberal attitudes
Emphasis on decentralization
Privacy protection
Environmental protection
Individual rights:
Freedom of speech
Copyright reform
Patent reform
Liberalization of drug policy
Liberalization of weapons possession and handling
Same-sex marriage
Not violating the privacy of communication by the state
Positive approach to cryptocurrencies
Net neutrality
State policy:
State transparency
Streamlining the state apparatus for savings
Liberalization of the school system
Emphasis on the principle of subsidiarity
Positive attitude towards participatory budgets
Positive attitude towards the EU
Social attitudes:
Support for charitable collections
State redistribution of funds to the needy (social policy)
Social liberalism
No redistribution of funds
Freedom of movement of goods (duty free union)
Shared economy
Subsidies for small and medium enterprise
Subsidies for large enterprise
Legislative regulation of dominant companies
Positive attitude towards the euro